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Sarvar Spa

However, the main attraction of  Sárvár is the medicinal and wellness spa, a member of the Royal Spas of Europe Association. Due to the huge area and the interior design, the medicinal and adventure parts are separated pretty well. It is the ideal place for healing, taking a rest and worriless relaxation. Its main attractions are the two types of medicinal waters to be found here: 43°C hot thermal water springs from the depth of 1200 metres, while another water with temperature of 83°C and high salt-content originates from 2000 meters. The latter one can be used effectively in the treatment of certain musculoskeletal, gynaecological and dermatological diseases. The 43 °C healing water is perfect and especially suitable for the treatment of locomotive disorders, after-treatment of rehabilitative disorders and sport injuries, neurological complaints and muscle relaxing baths.
A wide range of medical treatments makes the bath cure complete in addition to the impressive pool area (both inside and outside), where everyone can choose from the slides of different sizes and slopes, family and children's swimming pools, or the exclusive sauna world.

Playing House, a baby-world, a 25-metre swimming pool, bowling alley, gym, spacious areas for relaxing and a huge sun terrace are also available for the visitors.
Both the young and the adults can find fun and attractive experiences in the Adventure Park located in the proximate neighbourhood of the Spa and Wellness Centre.


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