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It’s region

You can take pleasant excursions in the surroundings of Sárvár, too.

The town of Szombathely, 25 km far from Sárvár, is particularly rich in Roman relics and Baroque sights. The Adventure City – a real toy paradise for kids – offers an unforgettable experience for families with children. The deservedly famous Savaria Historic Carnival provides a realistic time travel, where visitors can get acquainted with the bygone of the 2000 years old town, the history of Savaria. The carnival is held in August, every year.

The town of Kőszeg is the jewel box of the region; everybody can enjoy a walk in the fresh and clean air to “Írottkő” (Written stone), “Hétforrás” (Seven fountains), the lookout called “Óház” or even to the Steier Houses.

Pannonia Ring in Ostffyasszonyfa offers car racing, motorcycling and go-carting opportunities for visitors.

The Jeli Arboretum, one of Europe's most beautiful botanical gardens, is located in the outskirts of the village of Kám in Vas County. Most of the visitors are interested in the beautiful blooming of rhododendrons during summers.

The castle of Sümeg, approximately 40 km far from Sárvár to the south-east, is one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses, where fantastic programs, events, medieval jousting tournaments and feasts await the visitors all year long.

Sitke, a small village only 8 km from Sárvár, is famous for the rock festival held there in August every year. The tourists also often visit the Nagy Castle, reconstructed in romantic style.

Sopron, the city of loyalty and freedom, is the centre of Sopron Wine Region. Sopron’s city centre with charming streets and famous sights, the emblematic Fire Tower and the main square, surrounded by historic buildings, is an ideal place for visit – just 50 km far from Sárvár.

Fertőd, the city of music, where the Esterhazy Castle - one of the main tourist attractions of Hungary - can be found, also belongs to the region nearby Sárvár. The enthusiasts of active tourism may cycle around Lake Neusiedl, passing even the neighbouring part in Austria, as well.


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